Practices to linking learning analytics and learning design Workshop

Learn to design flipped feedback learning activities with embedded analytics using the COMPARE tool.

You are invited to complete a pre-workshop activity. The activity should take no more than 15-20 minutes of your time. You will need to complete a design thinking activity that involves designing a flipped feedback learning activity with embedded learning analytics. Flipped feedback introduces a series of feedback loops to give students the opportunity to act on feedback prior to final assessment submission.

Pre-Workshop Activity


  1. Introduction (2 Mins)
  2. Ice-breaker Activity (5 Mins)
  3. Frameworks Linking Learning Analytics to Learning Design (5 Mins)
  4. Moving Beyond Simple Access Analytics (5 Mins)
  5. What's Missing - Tools/Tracking/Theory (Think Pair Share) (5 Mins)
  6. The COMPARE TOOL - Creating Sequenced Learning Activities (5 Mins)
  7. Analytics for Pre-Workshop Activity on Flipped Feedback (Group Work) (20 Mins)
  8. Design Embedded Analytics for a Learning Activity (Group Work) (30 Mins)
  9. COMPARE Playground
  10. Group Report Back (10 Mins)
  11. Workshop Discussion and Closing (5 Mins)


In this workshop the COMPARE Tool will be introduced. COMPARE can be used to create learning activity sequences that include a combination of text/artifact submission, self assessment, reflection, brainstorming, assigning students to groups, idea integration from other learners submissions, peer and tutor evaluation (against rubrics), results review and resubmission components.

COMPARE is Open Source and has been developed by Ankith Konda from ITaLI at The University of Queensland.